Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fish and Chips the Aftermath...

Fish and Chip hauntings in Tokyo...
Hello Hello!
It's been a few months now since 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!' closed it's doors for the final time. We were overjoyed that by the time we shut up shop we had successfully received just under 30,000 visitors....wowzers! We were totally overjoyed at the wonderful response the project generated and also at the fantastic media support that we have continued to receive. The project was featured in more than 100+ point of press including published, online, radio and TV coverage and still it continues to pop up including most recently Austrianfashion.net's 2010 rundown of highlights!
Our collective of featured designers and contributors continue making giant strides in the fashion stakes and the past few months have seen exciting endeavours such as some of them winning NewGen sponsorship as well as a succession of London Fashion Week shows and some great brand and celebrity collaborations!
The curators have since gone onto some exciting projects... Polona is currently working with the contemporary team at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London on the upcoming Yohji Yamamoto exhibition and Emma is working on a community based art project in Taipei following a recent stint as Artist in Residence and exhibitor in Japan.
Fish and Chips keeps popping up in all sorts of spooky forms....from sightings of the catalogue in a cafe in LA, to a Buddhist monk rocking the Fish and Chips tote bag around rural Japan and recent reports say a tie dye version of the bag was seen lurking around in Sydney!
We all had a ball working on the project thanks to the fantastic team and string of wonderful partners and supporters and we hope you keep checking up for any upcoming projects!
Team Fish and Chips

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