Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kid's Workshops ROUND 2!

images: Wolfgang Steiner
Hello from Fish and Chips HQ!
We have been enjoying a fun filled week as we presented our second round of exclusive kid's workshops in cooperation with the European youth organisation, JEF.

Here at Fish and Chips we offered a series of workshops based around the theme of being a designer and what goes on behind the scenes hosted in the gallery. Our second phase of this feature was titled "Being a Designer...What a crazy job!" and gave kid's the opportunity to attend and learn new skills for a two day period.
The concept was to offer an insight into the entire process of workin
g within fashion from designing, to making, photoshoots and styling. All of the participants were set the brief of creating their own T-shirt as well as making accessories that they would then model at a closing catwalk show and shoot. The workshops were hosted and taught by the exhibition's curators, Emma Bell and Polona Dolzan, alongside Viennese designer Petra Kraeutner of Pebelle and Italian-American designer Josephine Rafaella Magno of MRJ.
From dyeing to applique and macrame to beading the kid's were given the chance to experiment with a range of techniques and crafts in anticipation of unveiling their creations. They also branched out into making their own jewellery and accessories including finger knitted scarves, Lady Gaga style hair bows and beaded necklaces teamed with their favourite items of clothing that they brought along. Following two days of great enthusiasm and dedication the group got to receive a make-over and a 'catwalk coaching' before taking to the runway to strut their stuff and throw out some poses to the audience!
Vienna based photographer, Wolfgang Steiner, offered his amazing skills and gave the children a chance to see a photographer at work as well as pose on th
e catwalk and participate in a live photoshoot.
Big thank you to JEF for supporting us and being part of creating a great experience for the attendees and also to the guys who worked alongside the team; Valentina, Chiara, Melanie and Patrick.
Check out some pictures of the catwalk finale from Wolfgang Steiner as well as a few of our behind the scenes action shots!

And now time for the catwalk!

Finally thank you to our wonderful participants who proved to be a great bunch of aspiring designers, it was an honour to have you guys as part of the project!

You can find the full set of images in our albums on the official 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!' Facebook page HERE!!!
Team Fish and Chips

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