Monday, June 14, 2010

'Performance of Dress'- Riitta Ikonen

Images Riitta in Vienna and her 'Snowflake' project.
Hello from Fish and Chips HQ!
Today 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!' featured a special element of the accompanying programme in the form of Finnish artist, Riitta Ikonen. The London/ New York based performance artist presented an exclusive talk based around the story behind her work and journey as well as an insight into the concept behind her most recent work, a durational performance, that debuted at the opening of Fish and Chips, Twice Please?! last week.

Image of Riitta's 'Walk through Wardrobe' at the TATE and speaking today at 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!', freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL.
An MA Royal College of Art Graduate, Riitta's work is "concerned with the performance of images, through photography and costume design". Her work has been exhibited internationally including Moscow, New York, London and Amsterdam at prestigious institutions including TATE Britain.
Today Riitta informed and entertained the audience through telling the history and background of her work as well as incorporating types of dress and objectification in performance. Her most recent durational performance explores the shared folklore between Britain and Austria represented by a Lipizzaner themed costume and through the medium of storytelling.
You can see more of her work here:
We have loved having Riitta in town for the launch of 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?! and it was an honour for her to present a talk here for us!
Love and Ketchup,
Team Fish and Chips

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