Thursday, July 8, 2010

Contributor Will Adams comes to Vienna!

Hello from Fish and Chip World!
Vienna recently had the pleasure of welcoming one of our contributors Will Adams to town. Not only did he get to join the clan in the set up of the exhibition he also got to unveil his special project for the showcase as well as enjoy the city!
Will has been involved in the project since it's early stages and spent the months running up to the exhibition creating a special animation to make it's debut screening as part of 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!'.
Will Adams is a digital artist and animator living and working in London. Will holds a First Class Honours Degree in Digital Media Arts and has professional experience in designing for web,print and television broadcast.
Will says...
"Inspired by the very British title and theme, my contribution is a short animated film which explores the visual references, shapes and textures of the British seaside resort Blackpool."
The piece is now available to view online and features the original soundtrack by Timur Sekerci...

You can view more of Will's work at
Don't forget if you are in town stop by the freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL and see it in it's full glory! We shall be screening this gem until the exhibition closes in September!
Team Fish and Chips

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